the deadgood method

Our execution focused approach to delivering high quality Webflow websites.


First thing first, we need to get to know you and your business. We discuss your challenges, what solutions are required to solve them and how we go about actioning on that plan.

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discovery call

This is our first meeting. Our goal is to get to know you and your business. At the end of the call, we outline the scope of work, any objectives or goals you may have, and establish an estimated budget and timeline.

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initial Sitemap

Based on your brief and current website (if applicable), we compile an initial sitemap. From this map, we can gauge the scale and complexity of your project.

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getting started

When the statement of work, and quote have been approved, we will invoice you in line with our invoicing schedule and start the

content 01

kick-off workshop

Each website project begins with a kick-off workshop. The workshop includes all core team members who will work on the project and ensures that all team members understand the broader vision of the project and that the scope is clearly defined.

content 02

Sitemap development

Once the project scope is clearly defined, we will create a site map. A sitemap is a section-by-section outline of each page in the navigation hierarchy of the website.

content 03

content map

Following site map, it's time for content. Identify what content you'll have and where it will live. We create a content map which serves as a blueprint for your website's pages, sections, elements, and content.


We will define the full scope of the new website, organise the content and create a content map to act as a road map for the production of your new website.


We create wireframes for each page of the website defined in the content map. The wireframes will act as a blueprint for all site functionality.

experience 01


This phase ensures that all content is represented properly and optimised for ideal user experience. Wireframes serve the same purpose to website design and development as blueprints serve to home construction.

experience 02


This is an optional service but does an excellent job of showing both the vision and the end user experience prior to development.

design 01

mood boards

Mood boards include a collection of design elements that provide initial images, concepts, colours and styles proposed for the general look and feel of the project.

design 02

website design

Following approval of a home page design concept, work commences on designing the remaining website pages.


We create mood boards to establish the design style and design the visual composition of all site pages and elements.

build & launch

The designed pages will be coded into a functional website using Webflow CMS. 

build & Launch 01


Following approval of all website page designs, Webflow development begins, developing each page layout for the new website.

build & Launch 02


A wide variety of technical optimisations, some per-page, some for the entire website, are carried out to ensure a Google friendly website.

build & Launch 03


Final content and imagery are implemented on each of the developed pages. If your website has E-commerce functionality (selling physical or digital products), the products are inputted.

build & Launch 04


Before launch day, the website goes through a meticulous quality assurance and testing process. Everything is thoroughly tested, from screen responsiveness and payment gateways to text links and external integrations.

build & Launch 05

cms training

Our Webflow training will help you become quickly familiar with your new website editor. You can also request bespoke training on the use of your editor, which can be either provided one-on-one or for a whole team.

build & Launch 06


Powered by Amazon Web Services, Webflow's hosting network facilitates the launch of your new website. Learn more about hosting on our Webflow page. We will be available to you post launch to help with any little bugs, offer guidance, and offer support.

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